The charge of theft in the state of Tennessee can have varying degrees of severity depending on what was allegedly taken, and its assessed value. If you have been charged with any degree of theft, you will want to defend yourself to the fullest extent in order to avoid conviction. A theft conviction can include possible jail time, and at the very least will have a negative impact of the rest of your life. A qualified defense attorney is your best bet for facing these charges.

There are two categories of theft under Tennessee state law:

Theft of Property

This is what is most commonly thought of as theft. It involves ‘knowingly obtaining or exercising control over the property of another without their consent’. There are countless examples of what can be considered theft under this definition – things like shoplifting or taking items left unattended are good examples.

Theft of Services

This is a lesser-known way to think about theft, but it still qualifies under the law. Theft of services is ‘obtaining services by fraud or deception, or leaving a place of business after receiving service typically paid for without paying, or receiving any service that requires payment without paying.’ A common example of this type of theft is leaving a restaurant after a meal without paying the bill.

The exact charges in a theft case are largely determined by the value of what has been allegedly stolen. The following is an outline of the charging guidelines –

  • $500 or less – Class A Misdemeanor
  • $500-$1,000 – Class E felony
  • $1,000-$10,000 – Class D felony
  • $10,000-$60,000 – Class C felony
  • More than $60,000 – Class B felony

The punishments for a conviction on theft charges can range from a few hundred dollars in fines up to several years in prison. No matter what degree of theft charge you face, fighting your case is well worth the effort. A conviction on any one of the above charges will have long-lasting effects on your life.

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