The charge of robbery is a very serious one under Tennessee state law. Depending on the circumstances, robbery is either a Class A, B, or C felony, all of which carry significant punishments if convicted. If you have been charged with robbery in Tennessee, be sure to hire legal councel right away. In order to successfully defend yourself against the charge you need to begin building your case in tandem with an experienced defense attorney.

The definition of robbery in Tennessee law is “the intentional or knowing theft of property from the person of another by violence or putting the person in fear.” A basic robbery charge is a Class C felony, which is punishable by anywhere from three to fifteen years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

In some cases, the charge of robbery can be elevated to a more serious Class of felony. Those cases are as follows –

  • Aggravated Robbery. This charge is brought when the robbery is committed with the use or threat of a deadly weapon, or in a case where the victim suffers serious bodily injury. A Class B felony, aggravated robbery has a longer jail term associated with it. 
  • Especially aggravated robbery. In this case, the robbery is accomplished with the use of a deadly weapon and the victim suffers serious bodily injury. Rather than the previous charge, which was one or the other, this charge requires that both of those conditions be met. This is a Class A felony charge and can come with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

As you can see, the penalties for being convicted of a robbery are extremely serious. If you have been charged with robbery, contact us right away at 865-673-4953. Gregory P. Issacs has defended many robbery cases and will work hard to present your best defense. Your initial consultation is free when you call.