Resisting Arrest

Have you been charged with resisting arrest in Tennessee? The charge of resisting arrest is a Class B misdemeanor that can potentially carry jail time if a conviction is reached. Consult with a qualified defense attorney like Gregory P. Issacs to make sure you are defended to the fullest extent throughout the legal process.

What is resisting arrest? Below is the definition as it applies to Tennessee law.

  • It is an offense for a person to intentionally prevent or obstruct anyone know to the person to be a law enforcement officer, or anyone acting in a law enforcement officer’s presence and at the officer’s direction, from effecting a stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search of any person, including the defendant, by using force against the law enforcement officer or another.

Basically, any effort to ‘fight back’ against a law enforcement officer can result in the charge of resisting arrest. If you feel that your charge has been made in error, contact us today. Gregory P. Issacs in an experienced criminal defense attorney with many cases under his belt. If you call our offices at 865-673-4953 you will receive a free consultation.