Juvenile Crimes

The process of defending against juvenile crime charges is very different than fighting charges against adults. Juvenile charges are brought when it is determined that the defendant is too young to be held fully responsible for his/her actions. When a child is charged with a crime, it can be a very difficult and emotional time for a family. At the Issacs Law Firm, we understand the challenges and will treat your situation with the care it requires.

There are two general categories that juvenile offenses can fall into –

Status Offenses

These are offenses that are only crimes because of the age of the defendant. Things like curfew violations and under age drinking are prime examples of status offenses. These are most often not serious charges and will usually result in minor punishment.

Adult Crimes

These are crimes that would be illegal for a person of any age. Things like drug possession, violent crime, and DUI are examples of things that fall into this category. Juvenile charges that are equal to adult crimes are more serious and will result in heavier punishment if convicted.

The consequences of a juvenile conviction are similar to those suffered by a convicted adult, if less severe. Jail time in a juvenile facility, fines, and probation can all be levied on the juvenile offender.

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