A felony is any charge that carries a minimum of one year in prison if convicted. In the state of Tennessee there are six total classes of felony crimes. Each class is highlighted below with some examples of the types of crimes that fall under that class.

Capital Crime

Capital crime is the top of the felony categories and includes such things as kidnapping, rape, arson, and murder. Those who are convicted of a capital crime are likely facing either the death penalty or life in prison.

Class A Felony

Class A felonies are serious crimes that come with heavy punishment if convicted. Some examples of Class A felonies include manslaughter, sex crimes, drug crimes, and burglary. A conviction on Class A felony charges usually comes with no less than a 15 year prison sentence, and could be as much as 60 years behind bars.

Class B Felony

The charge of a Class B felony is brought in the state of Tennessee for crimes like cocaine possession, robbery, and large thefts ($60,000 or more). A conviction in this case would find a sentence of somewhere between eight and thirty years in prison.

Class C Felony

Fraud, white collar crimes, and some drug crimes can fall in the Class C felony category. Prison sentences in these cases range from three to fifteen years.

Class D Felony

Charges of computer tampering, DUIs, aggravated assault, or failure to pay child support can all be brought as Class D felonies in Tennessee. A sentence between two and twelve years is expected in a Class D felony case.

Class E Felony

A Class E felony is the least serious of all felony charges in Tennessee. Those convicted of a Class E felony have violated laws such as computer fraud or aggravated gambling promotion. There is a minimum of a one year prison term, with up to six years possible.

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