An expungement is when a previous conviction is removed from your record. Not all convictions are eligible for expungement from the records, so you will need to contact a defense attorney in order to determine your possible eligibility. In general, those who have committed relatively minor, non-violent crimes at one point in their lives but have since been law abiding citizens may be eligible for expungement.

There are many reasons for seeking an expungement of a past conviction. They include –

  • making it easier to get a job
  • improved credit rating
  • admission to school
  • better insurance rates

The ramifications of having a conviction on your record go far beyond what you might realize. It is worth your time to pursue an expungement so you can have a fresh start. Gregory P. Issacs would be happy to assist you in working toward getting a conviction expunged from your record. Call our offices today at 865-673-4953 and ask about having a free consultation to discuss your options.