Drug Trafficking & Conspiracy

Charges of drug trafficking & conspiracy are extremely serious and can result in life altering ramifications. Drug trafficking is simply defined as the production, distribution, and sale of illegal drugs. If you are being charged with drug trafficking in the state of Tennessee, you need to retain qualified council in order to best defend yourself in a court of law. Gregory P. Issacs is an experienced criminal defense attorney and is well versed in the laws of the state of Tennessee.

The charge of drug trafficking can be especially damaging because it carries potential punishments both from a criminal and a civil perspective.

Criminal Drug Trafficking Charges

Depending on your case, you will likely face some degree of criminal charges when being accused of drug trafficking in Tennessee. If convicted as charged, you will face many penalties, including –

  • Lengthy jail sentence
  • Large fines
  • Long term probation or parole
  • Ongoing drug counseling

It is impossible to say exactly what penalties you could face because each case is so different. Regardless of the specific charges you are facing, any level of drug trafficking is a serious crime and comes with the inherent possibility of major punishment. As soon as charges are brought, you need to locate a quality defense attorney such as Gregory P. Issacs to start building your defense.

Civil Drug Trafficking Charges

Along with the criminal charges comes the possibility of a civil suit as well. There are two reasons you may see a civil suit in addition to your criminal charges –

  1. You possess items such as cars, real estate, or cash that were the direct result of the illegal drug sales, or
  2. You possess property that was used in the sale of illegal drugs

In either case, you stand to lose any and all of the property or money that was connected to the drug trafficking charges. Needless to say, if convicted of these charges, you will see major consequences that affect the rest of your life.


Conspiracy charges can be added to the drug trafficking charge if you were deemed to have conspired with others in the sale of the illegal drugs. This could include people who grew the drugs, sold it as part of a network, or simply transported it. The conspiracy charge can be in addition to the main charge of drug trafficking, and will serve to further the punishment if found guilty.

Drug trafficking and conspiracy are major charges that requires an accomplished and experienced defense attorney to fight successfully. Contact the office of Gregory P. Issacs at 865-673-4953 to arrange a free consultation. We are looking forward to meeting with you and discussing your case.