Arson in the state of Tennessee is defined as damaging any structure by means of fire or explosion. If you have been charged with arson in Tennessee, Gregory P. Issacs can provide you with a thorough defense. Depending on the charges, an arson conviction can come with very serious penalties. Arson is a felony in Tennessee, and the class of the felony depends on the specifics of the case.

A class C arson charge is brought in cases where an individual knowingly damages a structure by means of fire or explosion without consent of all persons who can claim possession of the property. Arson is also a class C felony in cases where a structure is damaged with intent to collect insurance compensation as a result of the damage. If the arson charge involves damage to a place of worship, the charge is elevated to a class B felony.

Aggravated arson is a class A felony in Tennessee and can be brought against a defendant in a case where any person, including law enforcement and firefighters, suffers bodily injury. Being convicted of a class A felony comes with significant consequences, usually including a lengthy jail sentence.

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